Summary of Current Project Goals

Developed by the County and partner cities:

  1. Minimize Environmental Impacts of MSW Generation and Disposal
    The City and County seek a CT that would not only result in a significant decrease in the amount of material that is currently buried, but would also like to employ a CT that limits and/or mitigates environmental impacts including, but not limited to, water quality and greenhouse gas emissions.

  2. Financial Sustainability
    Any considered CT must have long term financial stability that would limit financial impacts to affected rate payers.
  3. Green Energy Production ­
    Any CT considered must include a component of green energy production at the Tajiguas Landfill.

  4. Humane Work Environment
    The City and County are dedicated to maintaining humane working conditions and will not consider any CT that is deemed to have an unjust or unsafe impact on workers.

  5. Results in Long-Term Waste Disposal Plan
    Any considered CT must result in a long term waste disposal alternative for theSouthern Santa Barbara County region (with a 20 year minimum lifespanrequired).

  6. Maximizes Recycling Rates for Affected Jurisdictions
    Despite the City and County already achieving the state-mandated 50% diversion rate specified in AB939, the City and County seek to increase their respective rates of recycling. These facilities would not eliminate any existing programs, but will supplement and enhance existing efforts.

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