Summary of Initial Evaluation Criteria (10/15/07)

Developed by the County and partner cities:

  1. Fiscal Viability
    Total Net Cost (capital + operating cost - projected revenues)
  2. Demonstrated Ability
    Demonstrated ability to perform in similar conditions (size, climate, feedstock, etc.) with minimal intervention and downtime
  3. Market Issues
    The existence of a market for the produced materials of the waste conversion technology (energy, ethanol, compost, nitrogenous earth, etc.), and product marketing experience for such materials.
  4. Health, Safety and Environmental Standards
    Consideration of environmental impacts (air, water, odor, visual, etc.), impacts on the workers, and overall permitability of the proposed waste conversion technology.
  5. Operational Characteristics, Technical and Mechanical Support
    The ability to produce a minimal amount of residual and/or hazardous waste, the ability to demonstrate flexibility/adaptability (i.e., shifting market demand, change in feedstock, change in legislation, etc.), and a limited risk of process upset.
  6. Intrinsic Elements
    Electricity requirements, water usage, and air emissions profile.

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