The cities of Santa Barbara, Goleta, Buellton and Solvang, and the County of Santa Barbara have joined together to identify and evaluate the feasibility of various technologies that provide alternatives to landfilling of solid waste in southern Santa Barbara­ Coun­ty.
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Our first task was to work with the community to e­stablish specific project goals and criteria to evaluate modern waste management technol­ogies.  We then developed a list of companie­s that are capable of meeting the goals, and presented that to the City Councils and Board of Supervisors.
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The City Coun­cils an­d Board of Supervisors then decided to move forward with a Request for Proposals from firms capable of providing services to our area, and under what terms and conditions.  

Four firms responded to the RFP.  The Cities and County sought public input on what they thought of the various technologies and facilities proposed. 

In the fall of 2011 one proposal from Mustang Renewable Power Ventures was recommended to the County Board of Supervisors and the participating City Councils as the preferred vendor.

In 2012 a project description was developed and a Notice of Preparation of an environmental review was released.

A Final Supplemental Environmental Impact Report was approved in 2016 along with Waste Service Agreements with the participating cities.

In 2017, a planning error was discovered where a portion of one of the proposed facilities was within the Coastal Zone. County Staff then revised the placement of the facilities to ensure all activities were outside of the Coastal Zone. This updated program and associated addendums were presented to the Board of Supervisors November 14, 2017.

A copy of the Revised TTRP SEIR Addendum is available here. to make downloading easier the Revised Addendum is divided into 3 files, The Addendum Text (1.02 MB), Figures (29.4 MB), and Appendices (29.3 MB)


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