Environmental Documents

Proposed Final Subsequent EIR

Pursuant to the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA), a proposed Final Subsequent Environmental Impact Report has been prepared for the Tajiguas Resource Recovery Project (TRRP), and is now available here.

Volume 1

Inside Cover
Table of Contents
1.0 Introduction
2.0 Summary
3.0 Project Description
4.0  Environmental Impact Analysis

5.0   Alternatives Analysis
6.0   Growth Inducement
7.0   References
8.0   Preparers of this Report
9.0   Response to Comments

Volume II: Appendices

Cover Volume II
A.   Notice of Preparation
B.   Responses to the Notice of Preparation
C.   Air Quality and Greenhouse Gas Technical Report
D.   Rare Plant Survey Letter Report
E.   Biological Technical Report
F.   Hazards and Hazardous Material
G.   Soils Engineering Report and Engineering Geology Investigation
H.   Slope Stability Evaluation, Compost Management Unit
I.    Phase I Cultural Resources Investigation
J.    Community Noise Technical Study
K.   Traffic and Circulation Study
K1.  Traffic Memorandum, Alternative C Construction
L.    Hydrology and Hydraulic Analysis Report
M.   Hydrology Assessment of Project Alternatives Technical Memorandum
N.   Surface Water Quality Technical Report
O.   Hydrologic and Water Supply Impact Analysis Report
P.    U.S. EPA WARM Model output
Q.    Alternatie Site Screening Matrix
R.    Correspondence with MarBorg Industries and Mustang Renewable Power Ventures (vendor)
S.    Cumulative Project Lists for Alternatives B, C, and D

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Draft Subsequent EIR and prior environmental documents

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