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 Revised Project Back on Track and
Going Before Planning Commission on
August 30th

 The Tajiguas Resource Recovery Project has been revised and weill be reviewed by the County Planing Commission on August 30, 2017.  An Addendum to the certified Final Subsequent EIR has been prepared. Information regarding the Planning Commission Hearing can be obtained by clicking here.  Click here for additional information and media statement.



Board Approves Funding of
Tajiguas Resource Recovery Project

On Tuesday December 13, 2016, the Santa Barbara County Board of Supervisors approved the final contracts necessary to move forward with the long-awaited Resource Recovery Project and the development of facilities that will process municipal solid waste (MSW), recyclables, and organic materials at the County owned and operated Tajiguas Landfill.

Public Works Director Scott McGolpin said: “This project will give us real greenhouse gas reductions on a massive scale that will be the equivalent of taking more than 22,000 passenger vehicles off of the road annually. There is no other project we have planned that will make as big an impact and is crucial to achieving the goals of the climate action plans for the region.”

The project will process an estimated 155,000 tons of MSW and 35,000 of recyclables each year, increasing the County’s recycling rate to over 85% and will result in an estimated reduction of 110,000 Metric Tons of Carbon Dioxide equivalent each year.

The Anaerobic Digestion Facility (AD) will process organic materials including food, wet paper, and yard trimmings into compost and soil amendment products, and provides the infrastructure necessary to process source separated materials, giving the community the flexibility to modify its collection systems in the future. In addition, the project will allow biogas including methane and carbon dioxide to be converted up to one megawatt of electricity that will be sold on the grid.

Mr. McGolpin also noted: “Developing this project has been a very inclusive process that has included hundreds of stakeholders and has led us to what I believe is the best way to manage our waste in a financially and environmentally responsible way.”

Since 2009, the cities of Santa Barbara, Goleta, Solvang and Buellton have been collaborating with the County on this project which will serve 210,000 area residents and businesses, and help each local community meet their recycling goals, and comply with the state mandated Greenhouse Gas reduction requirements. Over 140 public presentations and public hearings have been held to receive input and shape the project to address local needs.

In July 2016, the Board of Supervisors certified the Environmental Impact Report and approved the creation of a public-private partnership with MSB Investors LLC of San Luis Obispo, California, which will design, permit and construct the facility. They have assembled a team of subcontractors with extensive experience in their respective fields, including Diani Building of Santa Maria, the primary construction contractor, and MarBorg Industries of Santa Barbara to operate the MRF. The project will provide 40 construction jobs and 56 permanent jobs related to facility operations.

The County Board of Supervisors approved the agreements to provide services to the various cities and also authorized financing for the facility today. The $110.5 million project will be financed by a public bond backed by waste flow guarantees between the County and the participating Cities. The project will ultimately be funded by residents and businesses through their monthly trash collection bills.

This project will begin construction in March 2017 and is scheduled to be completed and operational in early 2019.


­ The latest developments for Resource Recovery Project are detailed in the November 30 issue of Biomass Magazine.
Read the article by clicking here.


Tajiguas Resource Recovery Project and Sanitary Landfill
Solid Waste Facility Permit (SWFP) #42-AA-0015

A Revision to the Tajiguas Landfill's Solid Waste Facility Permit (SWFP) is required for the Tajiguas Resource Recovery Project. A copy of the Local Enforcement Agency's (LEA) Public Notice for the SWFP Revision can be accessed here.




Updates on the Tajiguas Resource Recovery Project


Board of Supervisors Approves Contract and EIR for Tajiguas Resource Recovery Project at the Tajiguas Landfill on July 12, 2016


The Board of Supervisors approved a contract with MSB Investors, LLC to design build and operate the Tajiguas Resource Recovery Project and certified of the proposed Final Subsequent EIR on July 12,2016. The Board Letter for the Project, video and other details can be accessed at: https://santabarbara.legistar.com/MeetingDetail.aspx?ID=451313&GUID=D5CFE319-FCDD-4A18-8849-D964B051CF6F&Options=info&Search=. A Revision Letter/Errata to the proposed Final Subsequent EIR was prepared to address minor changes to the proposed Final Subsequent EIR and can be accessed here.

If you have any questions regarding the project or the hearing, please contact Carlyle Johnston at (805) 882-3617 or by email at CJohnst@cosbpw.net.

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Santa Barbara County has a long history of developing innovative environmental solutions for our community's needs.  The Santa Barbara County Department of Public Works, in collaboration with the cities of Santa Barbara, Goleta, Solvang and Buellton, is proposing to develop a Resource Recovery Project that would process municipal solid waste (MSW) currently disposed at the County owned and operated Tajiguas Landfill.  This project includes facilities that would pull out any recyclables mistakenly sent to the landfill and anaerobically digest organic material currently buried at the landfill.  This project would increase recycling to our community above 80%, generate green energy and reduce the amount of greenhouse gas emissions from our community.


http://resourcerecoveryproject.com/media/documents/Resource Recovery Project Summary 2013.pdf Resource Recovery Project Summary 2013.pdf  

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Timeline - Where We Are

The Resource Recovery Project is officially undergoing environmental review.  The Draft Environmental Impact Report (EIR) will be released in the beginning of 2014.  After it is released we will be seeking public comment on its contents.  In the meantime you can still send us your comments or have us meet with you and talk about the project.  Just send us an email or call us at (805) 882-3600. ­

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